This site was built as a little fun project by Entropia Universe player “Cayman” Stanford.  This was actually started months before the mid/late-2016 Entropia Map contest was even announced.  I figured this might be a nice tool to build and share with the community.  I had other projects to focus on as well, but the contest put an actual deadline on me!

I’ve been an EU player since back in the day (since Nov 2005!) when it was actually just called Planet Calypso and that was the only planet that existed!  Back when new players still sweat mobs furiously at Camp Phoenix and Port Atlantis was still the main trading hub.

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a crusty old veteran of the game, I’m more of an on-again off-again enthusiast.  Unlike other games, I always meander back to EU to play for a while and see what’s up!

Anyway, I’m hoping this tool is useful.  If you are willing to help, I could certainly use help keeping data relevant!  I’ve created a tool for submitting data point submissions and changes.

I may also throw a donation method or ads on here to help keep this tool running… and maybe fund my Entropia habits. 🙂

Shout out to:

  • Entropia Planets who I stole most of the Teleporter data and some of the map base images from
  • Entropedia who I stole most of the Mob data from