Map Builder Tool Imported – BETA

The map builder tool has been ported into this WordPress site! It is definitely in the beta stages, but the features that I believe work without bugs (thus far) are:

  • Will build both Calypso and Calypso – Eudoria Only mob maps (these are the only high quality base images I have and have entered data for)
  • Mobs include all creatures, including Robots and Mutants, that have spawn location data
  • TPs, Mobs, Bots, and Mutants all are shown with different circle colors
  • You can select none, some, or all mobs
  • You can choose to include teleporter locations
  • You can choose to show specific longitude and latitude coordinates
  • The tool checks to see if a specific iteration of a map has been created – if so, it just gives you the link instead of taking the time to process and build a new map