Coming online…

I’ve created a custom tool to create custom map imagery for Entropia Universe! Definitely in the beta stage now, but this site is meant to bring the tool in for use. There will be two main features:

  1. A map builder tool – will allow Entropia Universe players to build custom maps to suit there needs: show teleporters and show whichever creatures they wish to hunt!  It will have the functionality to select the planet map (depending on availability of map image and mob/creature data), choose which mobs they want to show, and it will build the image (if it does not already exist).
  2. A support tool – the data for these images is by-hand imported.  We need your help to make sure the data is as accurate and up to date as possible!  For example, if a teleporter that used to exist is removed, or a new one appears, we would like our map building tool to reflect that with a data update!  If mob spawn locations change, we’d like to know that too!  So we will have a suggested change tool where players.  The starting data was hand-imported from two locations:
    1. Entropedia – For mob/creature locations
    2. Entropia Planets – For teleporter locations

We hope to have this WordPress site host this tool for EU players to easily use.  The goal is to have the beta version up and running by mid-November 2016!