This is a custom map generation tool for the Entropia Universe MMORPG.  To get started, choose from one of the following options:

Build Custom Map

Choose from available maps to build a custom creature and teleporter reference map. Choose the map location, mobs/creatures you want to show, whether to display teleporters, and whether to show specific coordinates on the map.

Build Map!

Help With Data Updates

This tool is nothing without data and support!  Help me keep teleporter and mob/creature locations up to date by suggesting changes, deletions, and additions.  

Suggest Data Changes!

Provide Support

Want to support Entropia Maps another way? Provide donations (as low as $1!) to keep everything running smooth, and turn this hobby into a dedicated effort!

Provide Support!

Land Area Owners

Looking for land area owners that want their properties displayed on these maps.  If that is you, click on the link below!

L.A. Owners

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